Learn how to let go of dieting so you can eat without rules.

You feel crazy around food and you don't know how to stop. 

You know you can't do another diet, but you're afraid of what will happen if you let go. You try so hard to eat the "right" foods and stick to portion sizes, only to end up bingeing on ice cream, or raiding your cupboards late at night for that half bar of chocolate you remember stashing somewhere once. You can't understand how some women can eat pizza or potato chips whenever they want without feeling out of control; you wish you had that kind of willpower. You would describe your relationship with food as love/hate, though you can't remember the last time you actually enjoyed food. You're tired of worrying whether a food is unhealthy or healthy, and carb counting has you exhausted. You start each week eating clean, but the weekends are your kryptonite. You know where you want to be, but you have no idea how to get there.

But what if it was actually possible for you to eat whatever you wanted without fear, guilt, or anxiety?


Imagine a life where...

...You're no longer second guessing whether something is “healthy” or “unhealthy”, weighing or measuring your food (except when baking cookies!), or figuring out whether you have carbs left in your daily macros. Imagine what it would feel like to delete your calorie tracking app because you no longer have a use for it. 

....You want to exercise and never worry whether you're burning enough calories. 

...You head out to dinner with your friends, order whatever you want from the menu (with a glass of wine or two to go with it!), and actually enjoy it

....You eat whatever you want without feeling guilty, ashamed, or out of control. Whether it’s pizza or a salad, you savour it freely without serving up a side of punishment or plans for “burning it off.”

...You plan vacations, change careers, rock a bikini on the beach, have sex with the lights on, start a business, or ask the hottie out at the grocery line check-out with the kind of confidence you believe you can only have at your “goal weight" or body fat percentage. 

...You cope with stress, anxiety, and other “outside of your comfort zone” situations without relying exclusively on or abusing food or eating. 

Introducing The Diet Antidote.

I'm Sarah Berneche, Emotional Eating + Body Image Coach. I teach purpose-driven women how to let go of dieting so they can stop fighting their bodies and show up for their lives. 


Instead of cramming for major tests, I spent my high school years studying diets. What started as an innocuous effort to ditch a few pounds at fourteen transformed into a full-blown obsession within two years. Pathological dieting morphed into disordered eating and restriction, which developed into a slew of hard-and-fast food rules.

I refused to stock my house with snacks so I could finally become a disciplined eater. I spent hours on the cardio equipment every night after work until I hit a magical number I had engraved in my mind. Even once I'd given up "dieting", I still felt guilty and ashamed for eating things I "wasn't suppose to", like sour gummy candies or conventional cheese. I worried whether I was eating too many grains.

I picked at my body constantly, worked out without asking myself whether I wanted to, and drank wine knowing I would "wear it off" the next day. I counted macros. I counted carbs until my hair fell out. 

Until I problem wasn't food. It wasn't exercise. It wasn't my body. 

I was scared of sharing who I was with the world, worried that what I had to offer would never be enough.

Healing your relationship with food takes time. It takes effort. But I can honestly say it's freaking worth it. And I would love to help you to experience the same freedom I finally experienced.

The Diet Antidote is the product of a lot of reading, education, and understanding that bingeing is not the problem.

Diets, restriction, fear-mongering, and deprivation are the problem.  

When I see something isn't working, I can't help but do it differently. The Diet Antidote combines my formal training in intuitive eating, body positivity, and holistic nutrition with my background in food writing to help you to make peace with food, your body, and yourself. 

The Diet Antidote is a 5-week, private coaching service to help you to figure out life after dieting so you can go after whatever you want.


Here's what we'll cover in each of the 5 weeks:


Module I: Food Rules + Diet Mindset Detox

  • Stop second guessing which foods are “healthy” or “good” vs. “unhealthy” or “bad”
  • Learn where your food rules originated and how to release them so you can own your food choices
  • Break out of “body jail” and let go of the scale/measuring tape so you can devote your energy to other things
  • Accept yourself as you are without feeling like you need to tweak this or change that 
  • Understand how diets don’t work so you can finally release them and feel calm around food
  • Learn why you’re binge eating or overeating 

Module II: Showing Up With Self-Compassion

  • Learn which stories you need to let go of so you can stop dieting and start feeling worthy of your gifts and talents 
  • Understand where the need for thinness/etc comes from and how to deconstruct these toxic messages so you can feel free to be who you really are
  • Learn how to practice self-compassion instead of self-loathing so you can begin making progress toward body acceptance and stop policing your food choices
  • Stop denying your experiences so you can honour your body’s requirements and give it what it needs to thrive 
  • Stop self-sabotaging so you can step into your power 
  • Learn how to use your food experiences to explore like an anthropologist vs. a judge

Module III: Self-Care vs. Self-Control

  • Learn how to identify your hunger so you can eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full
  • Prevent overeating and undereating to maintain energy levels and optimal function 
  • Stop perceiving exercise as a calorie burning vehicle or abusing it for weight loss purposes and learn how to move in a way that lights you up inside
  • Move past the fear of fullness so you can stop feeling hungry all the time 
  • Work through stress and develop skills to manage it 
  • Learn how to feel your fullness so you don’t uncontrollably overeat 

Module IV: Ending the Love/Hate Relationship with Food

  • Learn how to stop eating when you’re not hungry, or to do so with intention and desire vs. autopilot 
  • Immerse yourself in positive food experiences so you can fall in love with the beauty of food and eliminate food fears
  • Learn how to create delicious and satisfying meals with three basic principles so you never eat boring food again
  • Arm yourself with amazing food knowledge so you understand the awesome things food does for our bodies 

Module V: How to Eat Everything

  • Find a way to hit your nutritional requirements intuitively while eating foods you love 
  • Understand what your cravings mean so you can meet them and make satisfying food choices
  • Learn how to use intuitive eating even if you have food allergies or sensitivities 
  • Understand the science of why you won’t live on cheeseburgers and pizza forever, even if you fear you will 
  • Using your experiences to gain knowledge and learning the art of releasing imperfections so you can detach from “mistakes in eating”
  • Putting together your own thrive code so you know what you need to feel good 


Each week, we will meet for 1 x 60 minute session to review the module material. Each module comes with a workbook to help you with the lessons of that week. You also get unlimited email access to me. 

Ready to get started?


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The Diet Antidote
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