You don’t have to fight your food cravings.

Let me show you how to work with your hunger — not against it — so you can enjoy a relationship with food as comfortable as a recliner after a hard day. 

Interested in workplace wellness?

I've had the great fortune of giving 50+ workshops to a number of amazing companies, including BMO, Starbucks, RioCan, KPMG, MaRS, LEAGUE, and Universe, as well as to several law firms and corporate offices. Popular presentations include:

  • The Nutrition, Stress, and Anxiety Survival Kit. My signature workshop covers food, supplement, and lifestyle suggestions for managing and supporting stress and anxiety. 
  • Enjoy It All: An Evidence-Based Alternative to Dieting. This eating psychology workshop teaches the principles of intuitive eating, constructive coping skills, and insights to help you to embrace a weight-neutral approach to wellness and develop a healthy relationship with food. 
  • Rituals, Routines, and Riches: Systematizing Self-Care for Success. Learn various ways for incorporating new habits, the importance of building morning and evening routines, and how to advance your career and workplace success through personal development.  
  • The Sick Day Solution. Learn about the history of germ theory, how to support the microbiome (great gut health!), and ways to minimize employee absenteeism and sick days. 
  • Eating for Upgraded Energy. Boost your energy to new heights using strategic nutrition and supplement choices. 
  • Everyday Detox. Ditch myths and misconceptions around detoxification. Learn how to support Phase I and Phase II of detoxification through food and supplementation, what "toxins" are, and how to minimize exposure through best practices. 
  • Meal Planning for Masterminds. Grocery shop with intention using my meal planning system, and learn how to plan and prepare balanced meals despite a hectic schedule. 

How it works

Please contact me or email to request, select, and schedule a workshop in Toronto or elsewhere. I am happy to discuss objectives, requests, and long-term wellness planning to identify how to best serve your office. 


Workshops range from $350 + HST for local workshops selected from a list of topics, to upwards of $1, 000 depending on objectives/requests (ie. employee express consultations, group coaching, 30-day challenges/programming), location, and duration. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re "good" all day…until dinner comes along and you can’t stop eating. You feel like you could totally have the body you’ve always wanted — if only you could just stop bingeing or overeating. 
  • You’ve tried giving up sugar and carbs (and maybe have even gone on a sugar detox), but can’t help but obsess over cookies and cake. 
  • You struggle with which foods are healthy vs. unhealthy, and are always second guessing your food choices. You don’t feel confident around food. 

Do I detect a hand raise?

The truth is, diets keep us on a hamster wheel. We know they don't work, but it's difficult to unhook ourselves from the high of them. Or we feel like we're finally done dieting...until the next shiny one comes out, said to be THE DIET of diets. You know, the forever one. The reality is, every diet comes with beautiful, unspoken promises. But like a bad partner, each leaves you in the dust feeling worse than before. 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

Imagine how much happier and relaxed you would feel around food if...


  • You could pinpoint the exact cause of your late-night feast vs. famine dilemma. 
  • You could eat cookies and candy in a way that felt good to you, rather than feeling at the mercy of sugar.
  • You could eat (and enjoy!) whatever you wanted without anxiety or wasting mental energy 


You’re not alone — which is why I work with clients on their relationship with food


There's two ways you can work with me:


1. A power hour, where we discuss food rules, identify where the diet mentality is coming up for you, and how to ease binge-like behaviours and compulsive overeating so you can feel good around food. This session comes with a 20-minute follow-up to make any necessary tweaks and discuss any findings. $150

2. A 3-month intensive, where we'll connect bi-weekly as you slowly regain confidence around food, make peace with food and body, and experience food freedom. $697 *comes with a copy of Intuitive Eating and the Intuitive Eating Workbook.

What's involved: 

1. We hold a quick chat over Zoom to discuss and identify your situation, goals, and the ways your relationship with food is not currently serving you. 

2. I'll send you a handout and any materials and we'll book your first session. 

3. The power hour comes with 5 steps for you to work on independently. Each session in the intensive comes with individualized homework and handouts. 

These services are perfect for:

+ Individuals new to intuitive eating looking for preliminary guidance

+Those who are struggling with the diet hangover, such as diet rules, sub-clinical restriction/always hungry, binge-like behaviours, chronic overeating.  

+Those looking to gain confidence around meal and snack time. 


If you have any questions about working with me or would like to schedule a discovery call, please fill in and submit the form below.  

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