Hooked on the diet rollercoaster or caught in recovery limbo?

Let me teach you how to work with your hunger — not against it — so you can stop obsessing about food and body.

Let’s work together.

However you’ve arrived, I hope you’re here to improve your relationship to food and finally make peace with your body — or curious about what else is out there. 

What’s it like to work with me? As a weight-neutral nutritionist, I help my clients to shift their unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviours about food and body — all without weight loss goals. My version of “healthy eating” is founded on the principles of intuitive eating, mindfulness, and my own lived experience as a disordered eater; informed by Eastern nutrition philosophies; and diverges substantially from more conventional approaches to eating. My counselling style is client-centred, inclusive, empathetic, and no-nonsense. 

I truly specialize in helping individuals shift from “nutrition limbo”. By that I mean:

  • Those with a history of chronic dieting and caloric restriction who have lost the ability to “eat normally.”

  • Those in recovery from an eating disorder who are physically stable, but continue to experience ED-related thoughts and engage in occasional (less than 1x weekly) behaviours.

  • Those looking for a non-diet approach to nutrition coaching that encompasses gentle nutrition, joyful movement, self-care, and body acceptance. 

Nutrition and Intuitive Eating Counselling Services

*Please note: Canadian residents are charged any applicable HST on all services.

**All services are provided out of The Health Annex at 320 1/2 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Ontario. I offer virtual intuitive eating/nutrition coaching sessions via videoconference.

  • Sample Session (20 minutes): Free. Get a sense of what it’s like to work with me while I learn more about who you are, how you’ve arrived here, and the changes you’d like to manifest in your life.

  • Nutrition Intake (90 minutes): $150. An opportunity for me to better understand your health history, short-term and long-term goals, and relationship with food. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of any relevant symptoms and basic eating psychology, as well as actionable next steps.

  • Nutrition/Intuitive Eating Counselling (60 minutes): $100. To truly make significant shifts to habits and behaviours, I recommend a minimum 3-month commitment (6-12 sessions, as determined together). This is based on several years of professional practice. These sessions may include, as appropriate: reflecting and unpacking various levels of restriction; intuitive eating counselling (learning, understanding, and applying the principles); food exposure therapy; meal planning; general nutrition counselling.

  • Nutrition/Intuitive Eating Counselling (30 minutes): $50. An abbreviated version of the above. 30-minute sessions are only available to current nutrition clients as a maintenance/follow-up option.

Additional Services

  • Grocery Shopping (60 minutes): $100. Learn how to confidently navigate the grocery store using an anti-diet lens. We’ll explore the many options for when you shop independently in the future, or we can shop together for the week — your choice! All grocery shopping tours are conducted at Metro, 425 Bloor St. W. Group tours are currently unavailable at this time.

  • In-Kitchen Session (120 minutes): $230 (includes travel time). If cooking for yourself feels incredibly daunting, let’s cook together! We’ll prepare and portion up to 6 recipes (14 meals) in the comfort of your home. Learn how to make basic, balanced, and satisfying meals for yourself efficiently and safely. This session includes a meal plan and grocery list. **This does not include grocery shopping or cost of food.

  • Private Meal Support (30 minutes): $30. Supervised, one-on-one meal support in The Health Annex private kitchen.

  • Meal Outing (60 minutes): $60, plus the cost of food. Supervised outing to a mutually decided upon restaurant. Learn how to safely order from a restaurant menu, make pro-recovery choices, practice exposure to fear foods/volume, and/or challenge disordered beliefs about restaurant meals.

Business Services

  • Business Coaching (45 minutes): $75. A chance to ask any business-related questions: how I got started, my formal education and training, how I structure my sessions, client acquisition and retention, marketing and branding, mindset, incorporating the non-diet approach into your practice, and so on.


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